9 Spooky Fun Halloween Origami Ideas

Halloween is such a fun time of year and it’s also a great time to make stuff!

There are so many Halloween craft ideas available (like my Halloween Resin Charms!) that it can be difficult to pick which one to do.

In this post, I’m going to show you a super easy and super simple Fall craft – Halloween Origami!

What is Origami?

As you may know, origami is the ancient Japanese art of folding paper. The word origami literally comes from the Japanese for ‘to fold’ and ‘paper’ – oru (to fold) and kami (paper).

By folding the paper in different ways it is possible to create some very detailed and unique models. The techniques vary from very easy to extremely complicated!

There’s a big debate about whether you are allowed to cut the paper during the origami process. Strictly speaking, the answer is no! If you’ve cut the paper, then it’s not true origami.

Halloween Bat Origami

But I’m a rebel…! I’ve broken the rules a bit to include some Halloween paper folding ideas that do involve cutting. Oh well… rules are made to be broken!

Origami Supplies

The supplies for origami projects are pretty simple… paper!

origami paper

You can use regular paper, but really you need to use origami paper, as it is precut into squares and thinner (therefore easier to fold) than regular paper.

When my kids and I first decided to start doing origami I looked for origami paper at a few local stores (including local craft stores) and I couldn’t find it anywhere!

Amazon to the rescue!

There’s a MASSIVE selection of origami paper on Amazon in lots of different size and colors. It’s also pretty cheap (under $15 for 1,000 sheets!).

However, there is some HORRIBLE quality origami paper on Amazon, so you do have to be careful which you pick. Here are some of the packages that I would recommend.

Note: Black origami black is not normally included in the smaller bulk packs, so you will need to buy the black paper separately. Also, make sure that it is double-sided paper, sometimes it will be black on one side, but white on the other.

Best Smaller Pack:

Bubu Origami Paper – 200 Double Sided Color Sheets (20 colors), 6″

Best Large Pack:

Bubu Origami Paper – 1,000 Double Sided Color Sheets (25 colors), 6″

Best Black Origami Paper:

Global Art Material Origami Paper – 100 Double Sided Color Sheets (Black), 6″

Best Patterned Sheets Pack:

Tuttle Origami Paper – 500 Sheets Kaleidoscope Patterns, 6″

Origami Skill Levels

The Halloween Origami ideas below involve a mixture of skill levels. I’ve rated each project idea from Beginner to Experienced.

Beginner: Suitable for younger children (5+) with adult help or older children (8+) on their own.

Intermediate: Some previous origami experience is a plus, but not needed. These origami projects are suitable for older kids (8+) and teens.

Experienced: These projects can be tricky and require some previous origami experience. They have some folds that are difficult and will require some focus and attention to detail. Most suitable for teens and adults, however, older children (8+) could do it with adult help.

Halloween Origami Ideas

So here is the part that you’ve been waiting for! The Halloween origami ideas! There are 9 different ideas below… I hope you like them!


Origami Jack O Lantern

Photo Credit: www.youtube.com

This video shows you how to make this adorable Jack O Lantern. You could make them in different sizes and have your own paper pumpkin patch!

There are a few steps which are a little tricky, so I'd rate this one: INTERMEDIATE

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Origami Ghost Garland

Photo Credit: www.gatheringbeauty.com

These little ghosts are so sweet, I don't think they would scare anyone! But don't they look great strung together into a garland? You could use white or gray paper for a more traditional look.

This is a very simple origami project, so I'm rating it: BEGINNER

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Halloween Origami Coffin Tutorial

Photo Credit: www.youtube.com

Nothing says "Halloween" more than a coffin and this YouTube origami coffin is no exception! It's a fun fold and you end up with a spooky coffin that you could use to decorate or just give as a little gift to friends.

There are a couple of steps that are slightly difficult, so I'll rate this one: INTERMEDIATE

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Origami Pumpkins

Photo Credit: www.gatheringbeauty.com

This origami project is probably the simplest one of them all! They are a quick fold and look great - even if you don't have orange origami paper you can still make them!

This is a simple project, so I'm rating it: BEGINNER

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Origami Grim Reaper

Photo Credit: www.youtube.com

This YouTube video will show you how to make your very own Grim Reaper (he also kinda looks like a Dementor from Harry Potter!).

A few of the folds in this model are tricky and there are a lot of steps, so I'll rate this one: EXPERIENCED

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Origami Bats

Photo Credit: www.gatheringbeauty.com

I love these little bats and they are pretty simple to fold too! Don't they look great as cupcake toppers? If you are sending in a sweet treat to your child's classroom for Halloween, then why not decorate with these origami bats!

Pretty easy, so I'd say this one is suitable for: BEGINNER

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Crazy Jack Halloween Card

Photo Credit: goorigami.com

Another origami pumpkin, but a little different this time! This one has almost a 3D effect with the eyes and mouth of the Jack O Lantern. Here you can see it's been stuck to the front of a fun Halloween card.

Some of the steps are a little harder to do, although generally, it's an easy project. So I'll rate it: INTERMEDIATE

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Vampire Corner Bookmarks

Photo Credit: www.printablesfairy.com

OK, so this is one of those "rule-breaking" Halloween origami ideas! It's not strictly origami because you need to cut it out AND also use a glue stick! So really it's just a papercraft, but it's so cute, I had to include it!

Younger kids might need help with some steps (like cutting out), but generally, it's very easy and straight forward, so I'm rating it: BEGINNER

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Pumpkin Iris Folding

Photo Credit: www.craftwithsarah.com

This is another Halloween paper project that isn't strictly an origami but I just thought it was too original not to include! It even comes with a folding pattern template to help you achieve this look.

Relativity easy, but does require a lot of folds and instructions: INTERMEDIATE

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