Easy LEGO Fidget Spinner [Step-By-Step Guide]

This article was originally published on Life’s Carousel. Reproduced here with permission.

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In my household, Lego reigns supreme! We literally are obsessed with it! We have annual passes to Legoland Florida, birthdays and Christmas are pretty much exclusively Lego affairs, we have a Lego-themed bathroom and we even have a room we call the “Lego Room” (OK, it’s our study, but it’s so full of Lego models, the name stuck!). It’s a regular family event to find us all huddled on the floor with a big pile of Lego before us.

Then something strange happened… My children suddenly weren’t talking about Lego all the time. They discovered FIDGET SPINNERS! Ugh, yes, I know! I’m a teacher… I get it! But for some reason, all 3 of my kids are obsessed with them. That little spinning lump of plastic and metal is all they want to spend their allowance on.

A few days ago my eldest son comes downstairs with a new fidget spinner… made of Lego! Yes, he had figured out how to make a Lego Fidget Spinner! Suddenly our world was back to normal and Lego reigned once more! When the other 2 kids saw it, they ran upstairs to make their own Lego fidget spinners!

After experimenting with a few different designs, we all agreed that this one was easiest to build, used the most common pieces and spun fastest and longest! All important factors in a successful Lego fidget spinner!

Easy Lego Fidget Spinner

Here are the instructions on building your very own Lego Fidget Spinner, using easy to find, common bricks. Enjoy!


Lego Fidget Spinner
  • (4) Roof Tile, 2×2, 45°
  • (4) Roof Tile, 2×2, Inverted
  • (4) Brick, 2×1
  • (2) Brick, Round 2×2 with Axle Hole
  • (2) Plate, 2×1
  • (2) Slide Shoe Round, 2×2
  • (1) Technic Plate, 2×8, 7 holes
  • (1) Technic Axle 4
  • (2) Technic 1/2 Bush

(I know some of these part names sound fancy, these are just the Lego names for them. A bit more technical than a “two-er” or “a long flat one”.)

If you don’t have some of these parts you can order individual Lego bricks from the Pick A Brick! page on the Lego website for just a few pennies!


Step 1

Lego Fidget Spinner

First, insert the axle through the middle hole of the Technic plate. We used a 2×8 plate. You could use a longer one for older children or adults (who’s hands are larger), or a smaller one for smaller children.

Use the 2 bushes to hold the axle in place. Don’t push them down too tightly, as you want it to be able to spin freely.

Step 2

Put the round bricks on either end of the axle. Notice how they both have their studs pointing towards their middle. Therefore we can put “pads” on the ends (the smooth round plates) – see step 3.

Step 3

Here you can see that we put the smooth round plates on either end of the round bricks. These aren’t entirely necessary, they just make it nicer to hold the fidget spinner.

Step 4

Next, we put two of the sloping roof bricks on to each end. We actually let the brick overhang the end of the long plate, and then used the 2×1 plate on the end (hopefully it’s clear in the picture). This just made the spinner a little longer, not completely necessary, but we liked the look. We also put two of the inverted slope bricks on the underside.

Step 5

Then we put the four 2×1 bricks onto the long plate, just behind the sloped bricks. If you want you can finish here and you have a very nice Lego fidget spinner!

Step 6

If you want to add a little more weight to the ends of your Lego fidget spinner (so it will spin faster and longer – physics!), then add a second row of sloped bricks on top of the first.

This step does make the spinner larger and it might be harder for little hands to hold.

You’re done!

You now have your very own Lego fidget spinner! Hopefully, your kids will enjoy building and playing with it as much as mine did. I love kids’ activities which result in a toy that they can play with! I get to do a fun activity with them, and then they are happy to play with it afterward, so I can get things done!  Just like when we made the Super Easy Glitter Slime!